3 May

6 Months and some Exciting News!

Jaxton has some exciting news to share…

Yep, that’s right…he’s going to be a BIG BROTHER! Baby Barkes #2 is expected November 10th! We are overjoyed about bringing another precious life into this world, we tell each other every day how lucky we are. They will be 13 months a part, and hopefully best friends!

We had fun taking some family pictures, but it was a little chilly outside!

We have had several nice days this month, we try to take a walk when we can. Jax really enjoys his walks, checking out all the sights!

St. Patrick’s Day, we went to visit Grandpa Rick and Dee and of course had to wear our green!

Easter Sunday was a fun day and luckily very nice outside! Jaxton got to meet the Easter Bunny! He was pretty interested in checking him out. He got in some pictures with the Easter Bunny and family.

Next year will be lots of fun hunting for eggs for the first time! This year, he was impressed with his easter baskets.

Daddy had tickets to the Royals Opening Day game. Jaxton wore his Royals blue to help cheer them on!


A few days later we got a last minute chance to go to a Royals game, and so we took Jaxton to his first game! Mommy, and especially Daddy, were very excited! We got to watch from one of the suites. Daddy went a little crazy buying Jaxton some souvenirs. They even printed him a fan certificate for his first game!

He has been sitting up on his own all month, he’s growing up so fast!

We surprised Aunt Amber with a visit to her house one night. She was really happy to see Jaxton, of course!

Here is Jax and Mommy taking naps together.

Here are a few more cute pics from this month…

Last but not least, our monthly home photoshoot!
cake_monthly_progress hat_monthly_progress6

23 Mar

5 Months: Valentine’s Kisses and Krispie Treats

cake_monthly_progress5 hat_monthly_progress5
This month started out with Mommy’s birthday. Jaxton gave Mommy her card and signed it too! Mommy was really happy and touched to see his first scribbles. Maybe next year for her birthday Jax can help Daddy bake her a cake! The next day was Valentine’s Day, and Mommy took some special pictures of Jaxton. Daddy felt bad for letting her do it, and he will probably get back at us later some day.


Mom and Daddy packed up the car and we took our first road trip with Jaxton to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to see friends Julie, Jeff, Reagan, and Ryan. The 4-hour drive was pretty easy, since Jaxton slept the entire way. He had lots of fun playing with Ryan, who is only 11 days younger than him. It was really cute when they held hands!
dscn0318 dscn0320
After introducing him to cereal last month, we moved on to baby food. The first one we tried was sweet potatoes. He wasn’t sure about the first taste, but by the third and fourth bite he was leaning forward and wanting more! Mommy tried her best to keep him clean, but his cheeks and hands were covered by the time they were done.
With two big snows in less than a week, it was nice to have some snow days at home together. Daddy was sick for about 4 days, so Mommy had to shovel the driveway for the first snow. Unfortunately Jax is too young to go outside and play in the snow, but maybe next year!
dscn0328 photo-4
photo-2 photo-3
The Barkes family had a gathering to celebrate all of the birthdays in the months of January and February and upcoming arrival of baby Newton. The theme for the day was a competition to whip up your best and most creative batch of rice krispie treats. After the voting was finished, Mommy, Daddy, and Jaxton were the winners! Our recipe had chocolate chip cookie dough on the top of the rice krispies. Grandpa got second place, but had the coolest and most creative presentation, he made a “rice krispie man”. We won an apron that says “Krispie Champions” on it.
dscn0349 dscn0343
Although Jaxton was more interested in Papa’s wooden spoon award!
We went out to the Well for brunch for Uncle Brandon’s birthday. Jaxton thought he was looking tough in Daddy’s hat.
dscn0422 dscn0423
Aunt Amber and her friend Adaiah from Big Brothers/Big Sisters invited the family over for a special dinner. We came up to the door to see this sign for their “restaurant” Italiana’s. They answered the door with fake moustaches! Jaxton liked that a lot. They served us drinks, dinner and dessert.
dscn0451 dscn0454
He was really “cheesing” it up for a picture with Daddy in their hoodies.
dscn0464 dscn0463
Jax really likes to play in his exersaucer, even though he maybe a little too small for it. There are so many fun things to play with on it!
There will probably be a lot more of these rides in Jaxton’s future! He had a big smile when Daddy put him on his shoulders.
His legs seem really strong already and it probably won’t be long before he is crawling all around the house.
Jaxton has also been practicing sitting up. He’s able to sit without us holding him up, and if he’s got a boppy pillow behind him he can do it for minutes on his own. Maybe next month he’ll be able to pull himself up to a sitting position without Mommy and Daddy’s help. He likes tummy time now and is rolling over with regularity. He even turns himself around looking for his toys. He really loves his Mommy and Daddy, and we love him so much too!
dscn0483 photo-5

27 Feb

Four Months has Come and Gone…

This month Daddy had to take a work trip to Massachusetts and was gone for 10 long days.  Luckily we were able to Face Time with our phones everyday. Jaxton’s already got the hang of talking to people this way, as long as he doesn’t get his hands on the end button!  Thanks to this cool technology he often gets to talk to and keep in touch with other family members.
dscn0193 dscn0136

While Daddy was gone, Jax and Mommy had family time at Grandpa Ken’s and watched some of his old movie reels.

He had fun with the Charboneau’s and Smith’s at PowerPlay, and cheered on Colin’s basketball team.
dscn0222 dscn0214

He’s now rolling over from back to tummy! We had been working on getting him to roll over for a while. So of course when Mommy laid him down on his back while she ran to the bathroom he decided to roll over. Mommy returned to find him on his tummy. Luckily he did it another 10 times in a row so we could see it! He’s definitely got the hang of it, although he doesn’t always like to be in that position.

The whole Barkes family went out to dinner in Lawrence for Grandma Ada’s birthday.  It also happened to be the same time that Daddy was driving back from his trip, and he was dropped off at the restaurant and joined in the fun.

Mommy and Jaxton got a visit from Grandma and Kayden, after Kayden had a dentist appointment.  She had to get some work done, so that would explain her crooked smile!

Jax is beginning to giggle more often, and one of the things he does when he’s really happy is opens his mouth real wide and smiles big.  He does this a lot when he watches the mobile in his crib, one of favorite things to do.

All of his little facial expressions are so cute, he seems to be discovering new ways to express his feelings all the time!  But his smiles are the best!  He truly is a happy baby!
img_1534 dscn0226

Every year Grandma Kathy organizes the Rally for the Cure event to benefit breast cancer research, held at the Wood Valley Tennis Club. The three of us headed to Topeka to attend.  Jax got to watch as Daddy did some tennis drills.  He got to meet some of Grandma and Grandpa tennis friends, as well as hang out with his cousin Kayden and other family.

Jaxton has started cereal and he sure loves it, next month we will start the yummy baby food!

We celebrated Mommy’s birthday at Chelly’s, which is our favorite mexican restaurant.

We are truly blessed to have this absolutely amazing man in our lives!

And of course we had to take our monthly pics…
hat cake

17 Jan

Holiday Fun and a 3 Month Old Son!

Here we are already at three months! It’s been a very busy month with the Holidays, but it was an amazing time! Jaxton is full of smiles and coos and is almost ready to roll over. He’s weighing 15 lbs 14oz and was a big bundle of joy this Holiday season. We love and cherish every moment with this boy!

Jaxton’s first Christmas was a very special time for us, Jaxton loved his visit with Santa!

First we got to hang out with Grandpa Rick Christmas Eve, and he gave Jax a really cool Strider bike that looks very fun for when he’s old enough to ride it, which might be sooner than we think!

That night we did the Barkes family at Aunt Cynnie and Uncle Dennis’s house in Olathe. It was super special for us to wake up Christmas day with our little man and share our first family Christmas morning! Of course it was probably more fun for Mommy and Daddy to open his presents, but Jaxton was in a great mood and had plenty of smiles! From there we went to Grandma Joleen and Grandpa John’s for brunch. Jaxton got lots of new clothes and toys and Aunt Amber even started him a college fund!
We stayed until late afternoon and then the fun wagon moved down the road to Topeka and Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dave’s for dinner. Of course he got lots more great stuff and had fun hanging out and spending the night with his cousin Kayden.

We had a few days rest and then on Saturday we went to Louisburg to Aunt Jan and Uncle Cal’s house for the Aker’s Christmas. It was hard to get him out of Great Grandpa Ken’s arms!

Next we had the Knutson family Christmas on New Years Eve at Uncle Craig and Aunt Sarah’s. Whew! That’s a lot of family fun in one week! He did great through it all, and his smiles made everyone’s day!

We decided to have him with us for our New Year’s Eve party that we went to at Mike and Michelle’s house. We planned on spending the night, so we toted his pack’n’play and bottles and what seemed like enough stuff for a week’s vacation. The party was fun with Donnie and Stephanie’s girls Avery and Brooklyn there as well. Mommy was tired and didn’t stay up too much past midnight so her and Jax slept upstairs while Daddy stayed up and partied too much (and paid for it the next day). Unfortunately we only got a photo of Mom and Dad…

The new year came, which meant Mommy had to go back to work. She had been working from home and watching Jaxton during the days. His first day of daycare was Friday the 4th. It was really tough for Mommy to leave him and of course tears were shed. Of course the teachers love him. We did find out that he is the loudest crier! When he is hungry you better watch out! His first day of daycare pic…

He goes to daycare on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and Mommy works from home on Mondays. Grandma Kathy happily watches him on Wednesdays and they have a lot of fun together.

Jaxton also got to hang out with some friends this month. First, Mommy’s friends Julie and Jeff from Oklahoma visited with their two girls, Reagan who is 3 and Ryan, who is 11 days younger than Jax. Jax and Ryan had fun laying on the play mat together and sharing the play gym. We wish they lived closer!

Then later Daddy’s friends Kasey and Sara came by with their two boys, Logan who is 4 and Easton, who is 8 months old. Easton was a preemie baby so they are not too far off in size and they had a lot of fun playing together. Jaxton got to watch Easton grab and hold toys as well as hang onto his toes! We will hopefully have lots more play dates together with those two!

Daddy and Jaxton spent some time cheering on K-State, and practicing the fight song!

Jaxton loves the Baby Bjorn now that he can face forward, and Mommy loves that she can get some house work done and not have to put him down.

Daddy officially learned the lesson of “Mommy knows best” when last week he gave her a hard time about wanting to take him to the doctor because of a little congestion.  It’s a good thing she went, because he was diagnosed with a head cold and an ear infection! So now we are currently giving him the tasty pink Amoxicillan medicine to help him get over it. He’s such a good and happy baby that it was hard to tell there was anything wrong. We even put him through his monthly photos that night, even though we couldn’t pull any smiles out of him he was still a good sport!

It’s going to be an amazing year 2013 watching our little man grow as he will accomplish quite a few milestones…siting up, crawling, standing and eventually walking! We have so much to be thankful for as we begin this new year! We love our little man so much and feel so blessed every day to have him in our lives!



16 Dec

He’s a growing…

Wow! We just had Jaxton’s two-month doctor visit. He is a healthy growing boy! He now weighs 13 lbs 8 oz., which puts him at the 88th percentile for babies his age, as well as 23 ½ inches tall! Maybe it was all the turkey from Thanksgiving…just kidding! Jax, Mommy, and Daddy have had a pretty busy month number two, from celebrating Thanksgiving and having even more family meet him to getting ready for the holidays and cutting down a Christmas tree. Thanksgiving night we got some much needed rest when Grandma Kathy volunteered to get up at night to feed him, and then the next night Aunt Amber stayed at our house and did the same. Thanks guys! The next weekend Jaxton and the Barkes’s, including his cousin Kayden, went to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a tree to put in Grandma and Grandpa Barkes’ house. He got to meet Santa for the first time. He of course just wiggled around a bit while we tried to get some pictures. Mommy had to go back to work the week after Thanksgiving, but has been working from home so that hasn’t been a huge adjustment. He has been getting into more of a routine, and Mommy has been able to so far work from home successfully. The first of December he had to be taken into the doctor and treated for Thrush. It’s not really that bad for babies, just more of a bacterial problem in his mouth. We gave him some medicine and it cleared up in a week! Mommy had to go in to work for a day, so Grandma Kathy helped by watching him for a day. It was extremely hard for Mommy to not be with him! Last weekend Grandma Joleen also got to watch him, when she took him overnight so Mommy and Daddy could go to dinner and celebrate the 3-year anniversary of when we met. It was the first time we spent the night without our little man, and we were very eager to see him the next morning! It has been such a fun and exciting two months! He has grown so much, he’s holding his head up, and started to smile and coo and interact with us. We love our little guy so much and we are really looking forward to celebrating the holidays with him.

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We had these photos taken at 3 weeks…

and these at 7 weeks…

13 Nov

Look who’s one month old!


Becoming parents has been the most incredible experience for both of us. It’s absolutely amazing to have this little boy in our lives, we are truly blessed and thankful for the gift god has given to us. As much as we want him to stay small, we look forward to watching him grow and all the exciting milestones we have in front of us. We couldn’t imagine life without him!

Jaxton now weights 10 lbs 14 oz…he’s a growing boy! Now if we could only get a few more hours of sleep during the night! However, looking at his cute little face at 3am is well worth the sleepless nights.  He has been turning his head from side to side during tummy time since the day we came home from the hospital. He is already a pretty strong baby,  supporting his head longer each day. Everyday we get a few more smiles, and know that they are not all gas related!

We love this boy…

  • photo-5
  • plaid shirt
  • Bamboo Blanket 1
  • Bamboo Blanket 2
  • Amber Babysit
  • toy
  • img_1084
  • close up
  • photo-3
  • mirror
  • photo-1
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Sleeping boys
  • cake_fall
  • hat_2

We had these taken at

18 Oct

Welcome to the World Jaxton Marshall Barkes!

Family of three

Wednesday, October 10th

Heather was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday, the 10th. We arrived at the hospital at 7:45pm. We got into the delivery room and Heather got comfortable in her gown and bed. wed arrival At 9:30, the nurse came in, attached the baby’s heartbeat monitor, Heather’s contraction monitor, got her IV inserted and some fluids going, and drew some blood. It was really special to hear Jaxton’s heartbeat, and know that it won’t be long before we can be holding him in our arms! Scott & Heather Immediately after the IV got started, the nurse then gave Heather the drug Cervidil, which is supposed to start ripening the cervix to help begin the labor process. At this point she is dilated to 0 cm (with 10 cm being the point that pushing begins). Shortly after, the nurse came back with some bad news. The results of her blood work had come back, and her platelet count was a 74. It is supposed to be at least 100 in order to get the epidural. Heather had planned on getting the epidural to help with the pain of contractions. The nurse said that we can check her blood again in the morning, and the count might be back up to where it needs to be. By 11:30, the Cervidil is finished and Heather was able to eat a meal – chicken noodle soup with some cheese and crackers. After she finished eating, she had until 5:30am Thursday morning to rest. Heather didn’t get much sleep though; it was nearly impossible to sleep with so much nervousness and anticipation.

Thursday, October 11th

At 5:30am Heather takes a shower. Then the nurse checks her cervix to see if the Cervidil had worked. Unfortunately she was still at a 0, but the cervix was at least a tiny bit softer. They drew some blood again to check the platelets. With fingers crossed, we got the news – her count had dropped to 57! Her OB doctor arrived shortly after 7am, and confirmed that she would not be able to get the epidural. This was not good news! Heather had no idea that it was even a possibility that she could not get the epidural, so this came as a big shock. At 7:30am, the nurse then started an IV of the drug Pitocin, which is what the body produces to start the contractions. Her and I try to stay positive and we play some games of Skip-bo and Phase 10 to pass the time. By 9am, she is beginning to feel the contractions, which have been showing up on the monitor since last night. Heather says “So this is what contractions feel like!” She was able to talk through them, and not completely crush my hand. The nurse checks for dilation, but she is still at 0. Shortly after that, we quit playing card games and are all business. She gets on one of the “birthing balls”, the big rubber balls that are supposed to be more comfortable and help the process along. I rub her back to relive the slightly increasing pain in her lower back during each contraction, which are now about 3-4 minutes apart. At 11:40am, she decides to get back in bed and try to get in a comfortable position on her side. Almost as soon as she does, she says to me, “either I just peed myself, or my water just broke!” It was her water. This is a good sign; it means that she is progressing with labor. This is also when her contractions get more intense… way more intense!  Monitor At 1pm, the nurse tells us she in now dilated to 1cm. We both look at each other, thinking, “We have a long ways to go!” We start talking to the nurse about what her options are for drugs that can help with the pain, since she can’t get the epidural. They decide to try a drug called Nubane that she could get through the IV. It is supposed to help take the edge off the pain, but not completely cover it like an epidural does. The other problem with Nubane is that its effectiveness diminishes the more it is used. So she needs to wait as long as she can to get it, or it won’t work very well later in the process. Around 3pm, Heather’s sister Amber makes it to the hospital, and my parents Dave and Kathy show up right after that. Heather is not in much of a mood for visitors though, so they go to the waiting room. Shortly after 3, the nurse suggests we try a half dose of Nubane, which should last about an hour. visitors2 Heather didn’t think it was working, but I could tell that it had some effect because she wasn’t crushing my hand as hard and by her facial expressions. She was feeling good enough to have some visitors, so Amber and my parents come to the room and say hello.   visitors By then Heather’s mom Joleen and stepdad John get there and peek their heads in as well. The contraction pain comes back full force, and the second half of the dose of Nubane is administered. At 4pm, she is now dilated to a 2. This time the drug doesn’t appear to have any effect, and her contractions are now back to back without any relief in-between them. After 30-45 minutes of back-to-back contractions, the nurse backs off the Pitocin level to try to give her some relief. It helps some, but she needs the Pitocin to keep progressing with labor. Around 5pm, the nurse was able to move us to a room with a bathtub, so Heather can try to take a hot bath to help with the pain. After getting settled in the new room, she gets in the bath. It helps a little bit, but the bathtub is really big and she has a tough time getting in a comfortable position, so after about 30 minutes she gets out and back in bed. By now Heather is so miserable with pain that is asking if she can just get a C-section because she can’t take it anymore. My coaching of “You can do it! You’re tough! You’re doing great!” is met with “NO I CAN’T!!!” The nurse and her OB doctor start to discuss what other options she has for other drugs. At about 6pm she is dilated to a 3. They start to give her Fentanyl, which is supposed to be a lot stronger than Nubane. It is supposed to last for about 2 hours, but it didn’t have any effect on her pain. At about 9pm, when Heather is practically begging for a C-section, they take her blood one more time to see if hopefully her platelet level has changed for the better. With fingers crossed, it comes back at 74. It is a lot better than is was in the morning, but still a long ways from being 100. At this point, we believe that Jaxton’s angel in Heaven Aunt Jamie made her presence felt. The anesthesiologist on call, Dr. Lair, came in to her room and he had a discussion with us. He did his residency at a hospital that doesn’t check platelet levels for epidural use. He felt confident about giving Heather one, but we had to understand the risk. At this point, Heather didn’t care what the risk was; she just wanted the pain to go away! After discussing it with Dr. Lair and her OB doctor, we decided to go ahead with the epidural. The process takes about 20 minutes, and she had to hold completely still while he put a catheter in her spine. I wasn’t sure how she was going to do that, since she was shivering and chattering with pain, but I was so proud of her for doing it! The effects take about 20 minutes to feel, so she lay back down and waited for the pain to go away… but it didn’t. Dr. Lair checked things out and found the catheter was somehow kinked, so she had to do the whole process all over again! She summoned up the courage to hold completely still again, and this time it took about 30 minutes. Oh sweet joy it worked! Once the epidural started working, she no longer felt any pain! The nurse checks and she dilated to 5.5 cm. We are progressing! Heather can relax now, and she allows the family to come back and visit for a little bit. It was a big relief for me to see her like this, instead of crying with pain. By 11:30pm, she is dilated to 8, so we start to get excited that the end is near and Jaxton will soon be with us!  waiting room

Friday, October 12th

She gets stuck on 8 for a few hours. Finally, around 2am, the nurse tells us she is at 9cm! By now she has been on Pitocin for about 19 hours, and her contractions actually start getting further apart. At 2:45am, she is at 9.5 cm, with a very small part of her cervix being stubborn. She tries laying in different positions to get to 10, but nothing seems to work. Her nurse enlists the help of a different nurse who comes in the room. At 3:50am, she is successful at getting her to 10! Now it’s time to push! Her mom Joleen relays the news to the rest of the family in the waiting room, and Amber gets the camera ready.   coaching daddy Then she pushes, and pushes, and pushes some more. I start to see a small portion of his head, which is really cool! Unfortunately, her contractions are still about 6-7 minutes apart, so the process continues slowly. Heather lays her head back and gets a small amount of rest in-between contractions, and I lay my arms and head on the bed rail while holding her hand. looking at us I was so proud of her strength and stamina! So with me on her left side, and Amber on the other side when she wasn’t using the camera, Heather digs deep and pushes until about 5:55am, when finally his head is out! The doctor quickly unwraps the umbilical cord from his neck twice. With one last push, Jaxton Marshall Barkes was born at 5:59am! In the happiest moment of my life I got to cut his umbilical cord and watch Heather bring Jaxton to her chest. Aunt meets him It truly is a miracle to see! They quickly take him to be cleaned up, and he turns his head and looks right at the both of us.  It made my heart melt; in that moment I knew that I would do anything and everything in my power to love him and protect him. They measured his stats-8lbs 2 ounces, 20 ½ inches long. Amber shot some pictures and ran out to tell the family anxiously waiting in the waiting room. Soon after they all came in to meet him. happy family Now I know what “proud papa” really means! A special thanks to all the family who waited all day and supported us-Amber, Joleen and John, Heather’s dad Rick, Dave and Kathy, my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dennis, my cousin Kasie, and especially my sister/Jaxton’s angel-in-Heaven Jamie.  Her nurses were extremely helpful and patient, and Dr. Lair too. everyone meets him And an extra-special thank you to Jamie DeLong, who made sure our entire experience at Shawnee Mission Medical Center was comfortable and unforgettable.  We are so happy and excited to have brought this little bundle of joy into the world and can’t wait to experience life with him.

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26 Sep

Maternity Photo Shoot

A huge thank you to my cousin Annie Frisbie for the photo shoot, and to the McClain Family for the use of the beautiful property at the Historical Four Gates Home. These photos were taken Saturday, September 8th at 36 weeks!

20 Sep

Jaxton’s Nursery

We had a fabulous time decorating and making things for Jaxton’s nursery!  We did not choose a theme for his room.  Instead, we painted the walls a fun shade of green, accented in grey, and went from there.  Aunt Amber bought the crib in exchange for some housework by Scott.  Scott made the bookshelf and the artwork for his name, as well as the ruler for the growing chart. He had also made the armoire several years ago, we just took off the doors and turned it into a changing table. We found some old cabinet doors in the basement that we turned into chalkboards.  It was fun spending time putting it all together.  Although some things have been added since the pictures, it gives you a pretty good idea what it looks like…


12 Sep

Belly Progress

My pregnancy has been smooth sailing thus far! No morning sickness, just a few weeks with some sciatic nerve issues, and  I can’t complain about a little heartburn and back pain every once in awhile.   I wish I could say I have had some type of weird craving, but that hasn’t been the case.  Scott has not had to go out and make a late night run to the convenience store yet!

Welcome to our site…

We hope to use this site to share our family photos and updates. We are excited to start the journey of being parents as we prepare for the arrival of our little boy.


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