Holiday Fun and a 3 Month Old Son!

17 Jan 2013 by hbarkes, 3 Comments »

Here we are already at three months! It’s been a very busy month with the Holidays, but it was an amazing time! Jaxton is full of smiles and coos and is almost ready to roll over. He’s weighing 15 lbs 14oz and was a big bundle of joy this Holiday season. We love and cherish every moment with this boy!

Jaxton’s first Christmas was a very special time for us, Jaxton loved his visit with Santa!

First we got to hang out with Grandpa Rick Christmas Eve, and he gave Jax a really cool Strider bike that looks very fun for when he’s old enough to ride it, which might be sooner than we think!

That night we did the Barkes family at Aunt Cynnie and Uncle Dennis’s house in Olathe. It was super special for us to wake up Christmas day with our little man and share our first family Christmas morning! Of course it was probably more fun for Mommy and Daddy to open his presents, but Jaxton was in a great mood and had plenty of smiles! From there we went to Grandma Joleen and Grandpa John’s for brunch. Jaxton got lots of new clothes and toys and Aunt Amber even started him a college fund!
We stayed until late afternoon and then the fun wagon moved down the road to Topeka and Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dave’s for dinner. Of course he got lots more great stuff and had fun hanging out and spending the night with his cousin Kayden.

We had a few days rest and then on Saturday we went to Louisburg to Aunt Jan and Uncle Cal’s house for the Aker’s Christmas. It was hard to get him out of Great Grandpa Ken’s arms!

Next we had the Knutson family Christmas on New Years Eve at Uncle Craig and Aunt Sarah’s. Whew! That’s a lot of family fun in one week! He did great through it all, and his smiles made everyone’s day!

We decided to have him with us for our New Year’s Eve party that we went to at Mike and Michelle’s house. We planned on spending the night, so we toted his pack’n’play and bottles and what seemed like enough stuff for a week’s vacation. The party was fun with Donnie and Stephanie’s girls Avery and Brooklyn there as well. Mommy was tired and didn’t stay up too much past midnight so her and Jax slept upstairs while Daddy stayed up and partied too much (and paid for it the next day). Unfortunately we only got a photo of Mom and Dad…

The new year came, which meant Mommy had to go back to work. She had been working from home and watching Jaxton during the days. His first day of daycare was Friday the 4th. It was really tough for Mommy to leave him and of course tears were shed. Of course the teachers love him. We did find out that he is the loudest crier! When he is hungry you better watch out! His first day of daycare pic…

He goes to daycare on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and Mommy works from home on Mondays. Grandma Kathy happily watches him on Wednesdays and they have a lot of fun together.

Jaxton also got to hang out with some friends this month. First, Mommy’s friends Julie and Jeff from Oklahoma visited with their two girls, Reagan who is 3 and Ryan, who is 11 days younger than Jax. Jax and Ryan had fun laying on the play mat together and sharing the play gym. We wish they lived closer!

Then later Daddy’s friends Kasey and Sara came by with their two boys, Logan who is 4 and Easton, who is 8 months old. Easton was a preemie baby so they are not too far off in size and they had a lot of fun playing together. Jaxton got to watch Easton grab and hold toys as well as hang onto his toes! We will hopefully have lots more play dates together with those two!

Daddy and Jaxton spent some time cheering on K-State, and practicing the fight song!

Jaxton loves the Baby Bjorn now that he can face forward, and Mommy loves that she can get some house work done and not have to put him down.

Daddy officially learned the lesson of “Mommy knows best” when last week he gave her a hard time about wanting to take him to the doctor because of a little congestion.  It’s a good thing she went, because he was diagnosed with a head cold and an ear infection! So now we are currently giving him the tasty pink Amoxicillan medicine to help him get over it. He’s such a good and happy baby that it was hard to tell there was anything wrong. We even put him through his monthly photos that night, even though we couldn’t pull any smiles out of him he was still a good sport!

It’s going to be an amazing year 2013 watching our little man grow as he will accomplish quite a few milestones…siting up, crawling, standing and eventually walking! We have so much to be thankful for as we begin this new year! We love our little man so much and feel so blessed every day to have him in our lives!




  1. Amber says:

    Such a blast! So happy to have this guy around. Great pics!

  2. Leah Newton says:

    Looks like you guys had a great holiday season! Going back to work was one of my hardest times as a new mom (I think it’s harder for us than it is for them by a long shot!) but now that Ari is 3 I can see what good the interaction with other kids did for her, it’s especially important for first/only children! She loved it, made some great friends and I’m sure Jaxton will too.

  3. Mike D says:

    Awesome pics!! So cute

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