Four Months has Come and Gone…

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This month Daddy had to take a work trip to Massachusetts and was gone for 10 long days.  Luckily we were able to Face Time with our phones everyday. Jaxton’s already got the hang of talking to people this way, as long as he doesn’t get his hands on the end button!  Thanks to this cool technology he often gets to talk to and keep in touch with other family members.
dscn0193 dscn0136

While Daddy was gone, Jax and Mommy had family time at Grandpa Ken’s and watched some of his old movie reels.

He had fun with the Charboneau’s and Smith’s at PowerPlay, and cheered on Colin’s basketball team.
dscn0222 dscn0214

He’s now rolling over from back to tummy! We had been working on getting him to roll over for a while. So of course when Mommy laid him down on his back while she ran to the bathroom he decided to roll over. Mommy returned to find him on his tummy. Luckily he did it another 10 times in a row so we could see it! He’s definitely got the hang of it, although he doesn’t always like to be in that position.

The whole Barkes family went out to dinner in Lawrence for Grandma Ada’s birthday.  It also happened to be the same time that Daddy was driving back from his trip, and he was dropped off at the restaurant and joined in the fun.

Mommy and Jaxton got a visit from Grandma and Kayden, after Kayden had a dentist appointment.  She had to get some work done, so that would explain her crooked smile!

Jax is beginning to giggle more often, and one of the things he does when he’s really happy is opens his mouth real wide and smiles big.  He does this a lot when he watches the mobile in his crib, one of favorite things to do.

All of his little facial expressions are so cute, he seems to be discovering new ways to express his feelings all the time!  But his smiles are the best!  He truly is a happy baby!
img_1534 dscn0226

Every year Grandma Kathy organizes the Rally for the Cure event to benefit breast cancer research, held at the Wood Valley Tennis Club. The three of us headed to Topeka to attend.  Jax got to watch as Daddy did some tennis drills.  He got to meet some of Grandma and Grandpa tennis friends, as well as hang out with his cousin Kayden and other family.

Jaxton has started cereal and he sure loves it, next month we will start the yummy baby food!

We celebrated Mommy’s birthday at Chelly’s, which is our favorite mexican restaurant.

We are truly blessed to have this absolutely amazing man in our lives!

And of course we had to take our monthly pics…
hat cake

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