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16 Dec 2012 by hbarkes, 1 Comment »

Wow! We just had Jaxton’s two-month doctor visit. He is a healthy growing boy! He now weighs 13 lbs 8 oz., which puts him at the 88th percentile for babies his age, as well as 23 ½ inches tall! Maybe it was all the turkey from Thanksgiving…just kidding! Jax, Mommy, and Daddy have had a pretty busy month number two, from celebrating Thanksgiving and having even more family meet him to getting ready for the holidays and cutting down a Christmas tree. Thanksgiving night we got some much needed rest when Grandma Kathy volunteered to get up at night to feed him, and then the next night Aunt Amber stayed at our house and did the same. Thanks guys! The next weekend Jaxton and the Barkes’s, including his cousin Kayden, went to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a tree to put in Grandma and Grandpa Barkes’ house. He got to meet Santa for the first time. He of course just wiggled around a bit while we tried to get some pictures. Mommy had to go back to work the week after Thanksgiving, but has been working from home so that hasn’t been a huge adjustment. He has been getting into more of a routine, and Mommy has been able to so far work from home successfully. The first of December he had to be taken into the doctor and treated for Thrush. It’s not really that bad for babies, just more of a bacterial problem in his mouth. We gave him some medicine and it cleared up in a week! Mommy had to go in to work for a day, so Grandma Kathy helped by watching him for a day. It was extremely hard for Mommy to not be with him! Last weekend Grandma Joleen also got to watch him, when she took him overnight so Mommy and Daddy could go to dinner and celebrate the 3-year anniversary of when we met. It was the first time we spent the night without our little man, and we were very eager to see him the next morning! It has been such a fun and exciting two months! He has grown so much, he’s holding his head up, and started to smile and coo and interact with us. We love our little guy so much and we are really looking forward to celebrating the holidays with him.

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We had these photos taken at 3 weeks…

and these at 7 weeks…

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  1. Amber says:

    Most handsome boy in the world! Muah!

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