Jaxton’s Nursery

20 Sep 2012 by hbarkes, 3 Comments »

We had a fabulous time decorating and making things for Jaxton’s nursery!  We did not choose a theme for his room.  Instead, we painted the walls a fun shade of green, accented in grey, and went from there.  Aunt Amber bought the crib in exchange for some housework by Scott.  Scott made the bookshelf and the artwork for his name, as well as the ruler for the growing chart. He had also made the armoire several years ago, we just took off the doors and turned it into a changing table. We found some old cabinet doors in the basement that we turned into chalkboards.  It was fun spending time putting it all together.  Although some things have been added since the pictures, it gives you a pretty good idea what it looks like…



  1. Mom Joleen says:

    You guys have done a wonderful job on this blog! How fun!!!!

  2. K-dub says:

    That room is sweet!!!

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