Maternity Photo Shoot

26 Sep 2012 by hbarkes, 6 Comments »

A huge thank you to my cousin Annie Frisbie for the photo shoot, and to the McClain Family for the use of the beautiful property at the Historical Four Gates Home. These photos were taken Saturday, September 8th at 36 weeks!


  1. You are the cutest pregnant Frisbie Girl. What a big adventure you are about to take. Cherish every moment. Time goes by so fast it’s hard to comprehend. You are going to make a great Mother. I’m proud and love you.

    Carole Frisbie

  2. Tiff says:

    What a great cherished memory to have!! I love it.

  3. Judy Smith says:

    THANK YOU, for sharing with us!

  4. Liz Ullery says:

    You are a beautiful pregnant lady and these pictures capture you perfectly!

  5. Patricia Elliott says:

    Hope you are enjoying motherhood and all is well. #1 advice, sleep when Jaxson sleeps.

    Love ya!


  6. Marie Simmons says:

    i agree lovely idea. and yes mommy do sleep when baby sleeps good advice. love ya. take care.

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